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Easing Awake Sangha

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Unitarian Universalism

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List of Events with Doug Kraft

* List of Easing Awake Sangha Events

Meditation and Sangha - Tuesday Evenings

* Dhamma Talk, Rocklin, 8/21

* Fall Meditation Class - Friday Mornings

* 2nd Saturday Meditation Group (Fall)

* Weekend Retreat - Oct 6-8, 2017

* Dhamma Talk, Rocklin, 10/23

* Meditation Class 2018 - Monday Evening

* Residential Retreat - June 24 to July 2, 2018

Buddha's Map


Beginning the Journey

Kindness and Wisdom Practice

Annotated Table of Contents

A Sweet, Kind Aliveness (Intro)

From Stubbornness to Ease (Chap 1)

Beginnings (Chap 2)

Thriving in Difficult Times (Chp 5)

Joy: The First Jhana (Chp 10)

Talks / Articles

Table of Contents

Topic Index


172 Cognitive Biases

Cultivating Grace collection:

Acceptance * Kindness * Confession and Forgiveness * Ease and Irrational Joy

Forgiveness collection:

Forgiving Ourselves * Forgiving Others * Forgiving Is Possible * Forgiving and Reconciliation * Forgiving, Patience and Confession * Forgiveness and Luminosity * Forgiveness Meditation (Bhante)

God(s) and Consciousness series:

Introduction * The Widening Circle * Spiritual Literacy * Stages of Consciousness * Is God Real? * Summary table, diagram, and reflective questions

Little Mind, Big Mind


Selflessness series:

Shadows in the Mirror * Dissolving * Guidance * Channeling * Beyond Reason

Taking Refuge

Turning Toward: Four Ennobling Truths

What is Meditation series:

Wisdom * Inner Glow * The Mind Needs a Job * Beginning the Journey

Wise Acceptance and the 7 Rs


Table of Contents

Titles with Annotations

Topics Index

Questions and Answers

Consciousness: What is It Anyway? * Fuzzy-Don't-Know Mind * Individual and Universal Metta * Meaning of Life * Is Mett Less Peaceful * Naturally Deluded * Nested Dolls and Depth Meditation * Object of Meditation * Smiling * Three Refuges


Befriending the Demon * Booism * The Guest House * Jackie's Way-Cool Glasses * Josie and the Turkey * The Lake * Recipe for a Human * Three Winged Bird * Two Snakes and a Butterfly


Annotated Video List * Awareness Jhanas (11/4/2014) * Confession and Forgiveness (11/7/2014) * Dependent Origination (11/5/2014) * Hindrances (11/2/2014) * It Ain't Personal (11/6/2014) * Meditation Instructions (11/1/2014) * Precepts and the 7 Rs (11/8/2014) * Questions and Answers (11/1/2014) * Turning Toward (11/3/2014)


* The Case for Equanimity

Crunchy Knees and Mindfulness

A Duck, Equanimity, and Disinterest

Easing Awake

Hindrance Attacks

I Spam, Therefore I Am

Ill Will and Kindness

Interspecies Friends

A Lively Talk with Trees

Moral Compass / Ethical GPS

Poke Him in the Eye

* Presence Isn't Freedom

Relaxing Into

Second-Hand Wisdom

Stones and Hindrances

Talking GPS, Implants, and Consciousness

Trusting the Mind

Turning Toward

Unconscious Happiness

When Desire Fades

When Reactivity Trumps Wisdom

Whose Running the Show


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