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PDFs you can read or download:

Bahiya Sutta (Udana 10.1): a colorful and enthusiastic yogi gets pithy meditations instructions from the Buddha about selflessness.

Beginning the Journey: beginning meditation instructions.

Book Of Nothing: excerpts from the elegant writings of the 3rd Zen Patriarch.

Current Events Listing

The Demon’s Blessing 1 & 2: an exploration of hindrances.

The Demon’s Blessing Handout that accompanies "The Demon’s Blessing."

Dependent Origination Flier: notes on the backbone of the Buddha’s teachings.

Kindness and Wisdom: barebones summary of Buddha’s Map.

Little Mind, Big Mind: a talk delivered in 2005.

Meditation Blues by Stephen Levine: how the heart can break the mind open.

Precepts: specific issues surrounding the precepts. This passage is take from Meditator’s Field Guide.

Topics and Resources: a list of books, web pages, videos, and other resource that I have produced for meditation retreat, classes, seminars, and self-directed study. (Also see this on-line version).

Thought Country: a Colorado Division of Wildlife pamphlet called "What to Do if You Meet a Bear." In this version, Kim Boykin substitutes "thought" for the word "bear" to get meditation tips.

Turning Toward: commentary on the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta: Samytta Nikaya 56.11 in which the Buddha introduces the Four Ennobling Truths as meditation instructions.