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Summary of God(s) and Consciousness:.

God(s) and Consciousness: Summary


Stages of Consciousness

This highly condensed table summaries various worldviews, ways of thinking, views of Jesus, motivations, etc., and shows how they relate to various stages of consciousness.


Views of God

The diagram to the left shows how images of gods relate to stages (maturity) of consciousness as seen from the three perspectives: internal, relational, and objective. It illustrates the many faces of god believed by various groups of people.

To unpack this table and diagram, look at the various talks listed at the bottom of this page or look up similar writings.

The table and diagram have been drawn and adapted from the work of Ken Wilber and Don Beck and Christopher Cowen. A good place to begin with these authors is Ken Wilber’s Integral Spirituality, (Integral Books, 2007) and Don Beck and Christopher Cowan’s Spiral Dynamics, (Blackwell Publishing, 2006)


Reflections and Questions:

To relate stages of consciousness to daily living, one place to start is reflecting on the following:

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