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Easing Awake: Meditation Group


When and Where

Tuesday Evening Satsang for those who have trained with me before.
Our Fall Gatherings run through December 8th, 6:30 – 8:30 pm
at the Sierra Arden UCC Church, 890 Morse Ave, Sacramento, CA 95864
In January, 2016 will move to the UU Society at 2425 Sierra Blvd.


Led by

Doug Kraft



In the earliest records of what the Buddha actually said about meditation, we find an elegant, nuanced, and amazingly effective practice. It is a cousin to the Insight Meditation often taught in this country. And, it has differences. It rejects one-pointed concentration and emphasizes relaxation, ease, and sense of humor. It blends the cultivation of ease with cultivation of insight. As your practice deepens, the instructions shift to take advantage of the experience you have gained.


Meditation Style

This group is for those who are committed to a regular practice of the "Easing Awake" or "Metta-Panna" style of meditation I describe in Buddha’s Map . Each gathering includes a period of meditation, personalized instruction, and time for questions and discussion. Regular attendance is helpful but not required. However, I appreciate hearing from you before you attend the first time.



“Dana” (freewill donations) accepted gratefully.


Signup and Information:

Please send me a note.