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Buddha’s Map: Monday Evening Meditation Class


When and Where

Monday evenings, January 8th through March 26th 6:30 – 8:30 pm
at the Unitarian Universalist Society, 2425 Sierra Blvd., Sacramento.


Led by

Doug Kraft



In the earliest records of what the Buddha actually said about meditation, we find an elegant, nuanced, and amazingly effective practice. It is a cousin to the Insight Meditation often taught in this country. And, it has differences. It rejects one-pointed concentration and emphasizes relaxation, ease, and sense of humor. It blends the cultivation of ease with cultivation of insight. As your practice deepens, the instructions shift to take advantage of the experience you have gained.

This eight-week class introduces this meditation style. Doug’s book, Buddha’s Map , will be used as a text.


Style of Meditation

Meditation can only be learned through regular practice. You’ll be asked to meditate daily for a least a half hour or longer if possible. If you already have a meditation practice, please be ready to set it aside for the duration of the class so you can give this style a try.

Classes will include meditation, discussion over various issues related to the practice, personalized instruction, and time for questions and discussion.

Beginning as well as experienced meditators are welcome.



In this tradition the teachings are offered freely. Donations (called “dana”) are accepted gratefully as you are comfortable. They help make it possible to offer these classes.


Information and Signup …

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